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Classes - Personal Protection

Our Personal Protection Classes teach owners and dogs a whole new range of commands. We teach owners how to hold and work their dog effectively and safely, how to increase drive and natural suspicion, and how to train their dog in protection, being able to switch them off and on from loving family pet to personal protection status. These are highly trained dogs with a natural instinct to protect, but first and foremost your loving family pet. PRE-ASSESSMENT IS ESSENTIAL (FREE).

• Drive building
• Introduction to bite work and grip work
• Introduction to guarding handler
• Introduction to object guarding
• Increasing natural suspicion

Duration and Time – Wednesdays, 1 - 2pm, 1 hour, 5-week block
Location – BWD training field, Jackson’s Lane, Heage, Belper, DE56 2AA
Price - £100 (£20 non-refundable deposit secures a place) 


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