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Meet the Team

Chad - Lead Trainer
Chad was born with the unique gift of being able to understand dogs and their psychology. He was brought up from a young age around many different breeds, including Border Collies, German Shepherds and English Bull Terriers. Chads natural ability with dogs means he finds training them easy. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge of dog behaviour and has worked with almost all breeds over the years. He has developed a unique skill set and method of assessment and training management; he loves to work out what a dog is doing and why; what drives a dog and how we can use that to motivate and train them. He believes that all dogs are trainable as soon as you understand their psychology.

Chad has a number of dogs of his own and is currently training up two of his young Belgium Malinois puppies with a view to entering them into working trials and the IPO dog sport world in the near future.

James has a long history of working with all varieties of dogs. He grew up involved with the dog sport Schutzhund (a high level points-based sport including three phases – Tracking, Obedience and Protection). He both competes and assists in the sport and has previously assisted Team UK at the WUSV World Championship in Germany, most recently in 2016.

James is one of the few licenced grade A GSDL helpers. As a helper he has had the opportunity to train with some of the most respected trainers in the UK and overseas. He has worked closely with the police, HMS prison service and MOD dog handlers. He has assisted handlers and dogs to reach the highest levels in the UK within the IPO sport.

James has been selected to be the helper at the GSDL National Championships, The All Breeds National Championships and WUSV World Championship Qualification Trials. He has also competed with his previous IPO3 dog Buck at the GSDL National Championships and WUSV Qualification Trials. James is currently working with his young IPO2 dog Otto with the hope to compete at the top level in the future. James applies the skills from his high-level obedience background into his domestic training; getting great results.

Emily has always had a love for dogs and a passion for working with them from a young age. She has always had dogs around her growing up, breeds including German Shepherds, Spaniels and Huskies. She started her career working at a boarding kennels, which she loved. After some time working in an office she decided that she really missed working with dogs and that was really what she wanted to do. Emily has a German Shepherd who she is currently training to a higher level in personal protection. She also assists with helper work with our own service dogs and trained pets.

Terri can be seen at BWD most weekends, helping out with all aspects of doggy care and sheep maintenance. She also helps to keep the days running smoothly by organising and directing clients as they arrive for classes and appointments. Terri is currently studying a FdSc course in Animal Management at University, which follows on from her diploma in Animal Management which she completed last year at college. It’s clear to see all of the dogs’ love Terri and she can often be spotted interacting with them and snapping an excellent picture of them smiling for the camera.

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